Common Questions We Receive:

Q: When did Leo and Agnus start in business?

We were founded in 2017 in our kitchen with a vision to provide great tasting coffee. Since then, we have been expanding for over 2+ years.

Q: What does our coffee known for in terms of taste? It is bitter? Smooth? 

Our Colombian coffee is smooth, and all depends upon your taste buds. For the most part, medium roast is never a strong coffee compared to dark roast. We will provide samples for those to try first before making a decision.


Q: What makes Leo and Agnus coffee better than others?

Our coffee is grown at the highest altitudes, in the richest soils, and our beans are carefully roasted to perfection. Our roasting methods are to record the temperatures of every batch with consistency to give you the same great taste every time. People are mislead to believe that you need to have bitter coffee to stay alert, when in actuality, you can drink great tasting smooth coffee that will jump start your day.


Q: Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we do but the bag can't be half empty. We allow one cup to be empty before returning. We do not accept bags over a cup empty.